Interactive Parameter Value Comparison

The figure below can be used to explore how different parameter values change the agreement/disagreement of the data with the theory presented in this work and that in Razo-Mejia et al. 2018. Parameter values can either be entered numerically (left column), by choosing those previously reported in the literature (middl column), or by comparing the fits given three different values for the allosteric energy difference. Make sure you have clicked the radio button above the entry mode you desire before adjusting the parameters.

The middle row of plots show the data reported in Razo-Mejia et al. 2018. Each point and error corresponds to the mean and standard error of at least 10 biological replicates. The bottom left-hand plot shows leakiness measurements presented in Garcia and Phillips 2011 (circles) and Brewster et al. 2014 (diamonds). The bottom right-hand plot shows gene expression measurements taken when there are more than one regulatory architecture in the cell. These data were collected and dissected in Brewster et al. 2014

This figure was generated using the Bokeh interactive plotting framework. The code used to generate this figure can be found on the code page of this website.

Bokeh Plot