DNA Sequence Chromatogram


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Useful links

  • Prof. Manu Prakash’s Lab Website. The Prakash lab is responding to COVID-19 by developing new PPE that can be deployed quickly to healthcare workers. Check out their website and open lab notebooks. Mentioned in lecture 1.

  • VIPERdb. VIPERdb houses structural analysis for icosahedral virus capsid structures. They have renderings online and computational analyses. Mentioned in lecture 1.

  • Nextstrain. Tracking SARS-CoV-2 genomic variations by location.

  • COVID-19 Scenarios. Modeling of COVID-19 outcomes from Neher lab. Builds mathematical model based on user-specified parameters.

  • Virus Packing Efficiency. This utility makes it possible to compute the ratio of nucleic acid volume to the available space within the viral capsid.

  • How Coronavirus Hijacks Your Cells. Jonathan Corum and Carl Zimmer’s infographic on how coronavirus infects cells.