Evolutionary Analysis

by Herron and Freeman
ISBN: 0321616677

The Monkey's Voyage

by Alan de Qieroz
ISBN: 815341636

The Beak of the Finch

by Jonathan Weiner
ISBN: 0679400036


Date Topic Reading Lecture notes
Monday, Jan. 11 Welcome to evolution! What are the questions and what has science discovered? We will begin our discussion with an example of biogeography in the Gulf of Guinea and battling the annual influenza virus. Individual student projects will be assigned. Measey et al., 2007. This paper explains the work on amphibians on the islands of the Gulf of Guinea.
Wallis & Trewick, 2006. This paper describes the biogeographical significance of New Zealand.
Dobzhansky, 1973. This is a classic article that argues for the role of evolution in biology.
Nurse, 2006. This paper gives Nurse’s view of the five most important overarching ideas of biology.
[what is evolution?]
[history of the earth part I]
Tuesday, Jan. 12 We will duscuss a short history of the world including the geological and fossil records. We will also begin the timeline assignment. TBD
Wednesday, Jan. 13 We will continue our examination of the fossil record and begin our adventure into phylogeny and tree-thinking. TBD
Thursday, Jan. 14 An introduction to the facts and ingredients of evolution. TBD
Friday, Jan. 15 We will continue our discussion of the facts of evolution and will begin population genetics. TBD
Monday, Jan. 18 Population genetics continued. TBD
Tuesday, Jan. 19 Case studies in evolution: Experimental evolution and the great transitions. TBD
Wednesday, Jan. 20 We will discuss the evolution of humans. TBD
Thursday, Jan. 21 Biogeography and Evolution: We will discuss the biodiversity of Hawaii, New Zealand, the Galapagos, and the process of speciation. The students will give their project presentations. TBD