Laboratory Schedule

Date Experimental Description Protocol
Monday, Jan. 11 We will answer pre-lab questions for the liquid culture competition lab. Afterwards, students will inoculate overnight cultures of the strains they wish to compete against our reference strain. Liquid culture competition protocol.
[ Collection strain list ].
Tuesday, Jan. 12 Cultures will be mixed to begin competition experiment. Time points will be taken throughout the day. In the evening, samples will be plated so strain frequencies can be calculated via blue-white screen. --
Wednesday, Jan. 13 Students will plate competition cultures after another day of growth and count colonies from the previous day. --
Thursday, Jan. 14 Students will finish counting colonies for the liquid culture lab. They will also answer pre-lab discussion questions for the Luria-Delbruck fluctuation lab Luria-Delbrück Experimental Protocol and Mathematical Supplement.
Friday, Jan. 15 This is the first day of the Luria-Delbruck lab. Students will plate yeast cultures on canavanine-containing plates to explore the statistics of survival mutations. --
Monday, Jan. 18 We will count the number of colonies from the yeast cultures plated on Friday. Time permitting, we will also perform a colony PCR to isolate the mutations that allowed the yeast to grow on canavanine. --
Tuesday, Jan. 19 Analysis day. Using the colony counts from the liquid culture competition lab, we will compare the fitness of wild E. coli strains against the lab strain HG105. --
Wednesday, Jan. 20 Analysis day. We will analyze the statistics of the Luria-Delbruck experiment to determine which adaptation hypothesis is correct. We will also analyze CAN-1 sequences from a previous year --