DNA Sequence Chromatogram


Day Date Topic
Monday 09/25/2023 Embracing the wonder and mystery of Life and assessing our quantitative literacy. Getting a feeling for the organism: what sets the scale of X? Street fighting mathematics and order of magnitude thinking.
Tuesday 09/26/2023 Biological dynamics through update rules. Stuff(t).
Wednesday 09/27/2023 Biological null hypotheses and the great probability distributions. Gene expression and the constitutive promoter and Prussian soldiers getting kicked by horses. Diffusion as a null hypothesis for biological dynamics.
Thursday 09/28/2023 The secret of life and defying the call of entropy maximization. What are the batteries and who are the demons? How to transport sugar uphill and using graphs as the natural language of networks. Spending energy to make nearly one way arrows.
Friday 09/29/2023 Size control in biology. The grand challenges of understanding the living. Applying quantitative thinking to the Anthropocene. Reflections on physical biology.