As the course progresses, we will post papers we find interesting or that we specifically mention in class.

Trophic Downgrading of Planet Earth

by James A. Estes, John Terbough, Justin S. Brashares, Mary E. Power, Joel Berger, William J. Bond, Stephen R. Carpenter, Timothy E. Essington, Robert D. Holt, Jeremy B.C. Jackson, Robert J. Marquis, Lauri Oksanen, Tarja Oksanen, Robert T. Paine, Ellen K. Pikitch, Williiam J. Ripple, Stuart A. Sandin, Martin Scheffer, Thomas W. Schoener, Jonathan B. Shurin, Anthony E. Sinclair, Michael E. Soulé, Risto Virtanen, and David A. Wardle in Science, 333(6040) 2011.