Interactive Figure

Figure Description

This website provides interactive figures of information footprints, energy matrices and regulatory cartoons for all of the genes and growth conditions considered in our experiments. The gene and growth condition are chosen using the drop down boxes on the left. The gene regulatory architecture, with identified transcription factors, and their DNA-protein energy matrix for each transcription factor is displayed below the information footprint.

The regulatory cartoons are meant to be coarse grained representations of the regulation. For example, an activator upstream of an RNAP in the regulatory cartoon indicates an activator upstream of an RNAP site in the wild-type gene, but the exact distance between the RNAP site and the cartoon is not significant.

The maximum information value for the y-axis displayed in the figure is set by the maximum value of the 95 percent confidence intervals for the information values for any of the displayed base pairs for the gene and growth condition combination. If the dataset for the gene and growth condition are unavailable then no information footprint will be displayed. If a repressor or activator cartoon are displayed without a protein name, then the identity of the binding site is unknown.

Bokeh Plot