Rob Phillips

Fred and Nancy Morris Professor of Biophysics and Biology

Education and Positions

B.S., University of Minnesota, 1986 (obtained by independent study)
Ph.D., Washington University, 1989
Clark Millikan Visiting Assistant Professor, Caltech, 1997
Professor, 2000-Present

Talks, Essays, and Interviews

  • “A Language Whose Characters are Triangles,” a seminar probing how math, physics, and biology unite diverse phenomena in Rob’s research & teaching, delivered after Rob’s 2021 Feynman Prize for Excellence in Teaching. [online video]
  • “A Brief Conversation with Rob Phillips, Co-Director of Physical Biology of the Cell” for The Well: MBL News from the Source. [online video]
  • “Drunken Sailors, Coin Flips and How to Read Genomes” given during the Friday Night Lecture Series at the Marine Biological Laboratory, July 2017. [online video]
  • “Unusual Career Path Sparked by Stories about Science” - an interview with Heather Goldstone for [online text]
  • “How Rob Became a Scientist” - an iBiology seminar about Rob’s journey to be a scientist. [online video]
  • “The Genome as the Modern Rosetta Stone”. An iBiology Seminar given in 2014. [online video]
  • An interview for The People Behind the Science in September, 2014. [online audio]
  • “A Vision for Quantitative Biology” given at the IBioMagazine in August, 2010. [online video]
  • “How Cells Decide What to Eat” given during the Winter Lecture Series at the Aspen center for Physics, January 2008. [online video]
  • An after dinner talk given at the National University of Singapore in March, 2007. [full text]
  • Talk given at the Delbrück Centennial, January 2007. [online video]

Contact Information

Phone | (626) 395-3374
Office | 159 Broad
Email | phillips [at] pboc [dot] caltech [dot] edu