We will have several computational tutorials throughout the course. These will be done using Jupyter notebooks through Google Colab, so you will need to sign into a Google Account to create new notebooks. If you would like to set up Python on your own computers, follow Tutorial 0a below. As the course progresses, we will post the discussed or related notebooks below. Note: In some browsers (Firefox primarily), the end of each sentence is clipped off, making the posted notebooks difficult to read. If this is occurring, please try using another browser (Chrome, Safari, etc).

Syllabus for Computational Sessions and Datasets

Tutorial Templates on Colab

We will create links to some Colab notebooks below with some lines of code already written out. Clicking the link will open a new page of the notebook that you can save to your account.

External resources

Below is a list of useful online resources for learning the Python programming language and principles of programming in general.