Talks will be hosted virtually via Zoom webinar. All times listed are in Pacific Time. Click here to register for this event.

Date Time Speaker Talk Title Talk Link
Mon. 8/3 9 am Jeremy Gunawardena Following the energy in cellular information processing View this talk
Tue. 8/4 9 am Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz Cell organelles and their dynamics View this talk
Wed. 8/5 9 am Avi Rodal How are membranes remodeled? View this talk
Fri. 8/7 9 am Carolina Tropini Dynamics of microbiota communities during physical perturbation View this talk
Sat. 8/8 9 am Hopi Hoekstra A tale of tails – from genes to performance View this talk
Tue. 8/11 9 am Amy Gladfelter Organization of Cytoplasm View this talk
Wed. 8/12 9 am Steph Weber No membrane, no problem: condensing bacterial organelles View this talk
Thu. 8/13 9 am Alexander Aulehla Collective signaling oscillations in embryos View this talk
Fri. 8/14 9 am Lakshminarayanan Mahadevan Wisdom of hives, nests, and mounds: collective physiology in social insects View this talk
Sat. 8/15 9 am Julie Theriot Shocking secrets of cell migration and wound healing View this talk
Mon. 8/17 9 am Jane Kondev How to build a scale invariant cell View this talk
Tue. 8/18 9 am Dan Needleman Biophysics of mitochondrial metabolism in vivo View this talk
Wed. 8/19 9 am Lena Koslover Dashing through the maze: transport through reticulated organelles View this talk
Thu. 8/20 9 am Armita Nourmohammad Coevolutionary processes in the adaptive immune system View this talk
Fri. 8/21 9 am Thomas Lecuit Biochemical, mechanical, and geometrical information in tissue morphogenesis View this talk
Sat. 8/22 9 am Rob Phillips Schrodinger’s What is Life? at 75: the physical aspects of the living cell re-examined View this talk