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Paul Grayson

picture of me juggling

Hello, I'm a fifth-year graduate student in the Rob Phillips group at Caltech, working on experimental studies of bacteriophage mechanics.

Office: 132 Broad
Phone: 626-395-3333
Email: grayson@caltech.edu

Curriculum Vitae (360k PDF)

Research Interests

We are studying the role of internal pressure in DNA delivery by viruses, focusing on the tailed dsDNA bacteriophage family, including phages lambda, phi29, T5, and P22. We have successfully measured the internal pressure of lambda at 20-25 atm and observed DNA ejection in real time, determining a velocity of up to 60 kbp/s. This kind of analysis requires a variety of bulk and single-molecule techniques including theoretical modeling of phages at many levels.


Recent External Presentations