Date Speaker Title
8/7/2017 Rob Phillips The Physics of Water Transport During Osmotic Shock: from Frogs to Microbes
8/8/2017 Ibrahim Cissé Super-resolution imaging of transcription in live mammalian cells
8/9/2017 David Nelson Spatial gene drives and pushed genetic waves
8/10/2017 Dan Needleman Biophysics of Spindle Positioning and Elongation
8/11/2017 Ido Golding Deciphering the stochastic kinetics of gene regulation
8/12/2017 Hopi Hoekstra The evolution of sperm morphology and behavior
8/14/2017 Julie Theriot Making qualitative observations quantitative: Measuring cell shapes and protein distributions
8/15/2017 Rotation introductions Introduction to research rotations at Physical Biology of the Cell
8/16/2017 Boat trip in the afternoon --
8/17/2017 Lena Koslover Getting around the cell: run, wander, and drift
8/18/2017 Stirling Churchman Across the genome and throughout the cell, Gene expression regulation at high resolution.
8/19/2017 Hernan Garcia Wiring Up the Synthetic Fly
8/21/2017 Enrique M. De La Cruz How cells use chemistry and physics to break the bones that power their movement
8/22/2017 Madhav Mani Pattern formation and stochastic gene expression in the developing fly wing
8/23/2017 Joe Howard Microtubules, motored and morphogenesis
8/24/2017 Wallace Marshall TBA
8/25/2017 Phil Nelson + Final presentations New and old results on single-photon sensitivity